Killian Branch Farm



KILLIAN BRANCH FARM IS A FULL SERVICE EQUINE LAUNDRY THAT HAS BEEN SERVICING NORTH GEORGIA, and beyond, FOR OVER A DECADE. WE ARE known for our friendliness, attention to detail, exceptional repair work and a commitment to fair pricing. OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY Is keeping horses warm and dry and we strive for complete customer satisfaction.  Using a professional equine laundry and repair service is the best way to ensure you get as many years out of your blanket as possible. 



no detergents. no bleach. no oxiclean. not ever!

IN ORDER TO PRESERVE THE INTEGRITY OF YOUR TURN-OUT blanketS WE ONLY USE SOAP. This soap is not only specifically formulated for horse blankets but is also antibacterial. see you later germs!

Standard laundry detergents are harsh, corrosive, damaging AND likely to break down the DWR (durable waterproof repellent) of your turnouts; thus, making it very difficult to fully re-waterproof for subsequent use. Detergents, de-greasers, bleach and oxiclean can also cause severe allergic reactions and skin sensitivities in some horses. If you plan on washing your own blankets and saddle pads steer clear of these products - and warm or hot water. Just. Don't. Do. It.  Ask me about the products I use (and LOVE) and I'll gladly point you in the right direction.

We only wash in cold water  to prevent natural fibers from shrinking and because that's what's instructed on almost every blanket's care label. hot water can damage your blanket's dwr.  Fleece, cotton and wool sheets are all washed in a soap FORMULATED to meet the specific needs of natural fibers. Lastly, all of our items are line-dried then packaged in plastic to keep moisture out and the glorious freshness in.





RE-WATERPROOFING  ANNUALLY IS A GREAT WAY TO ENSURE YOUR HORSE STAYS DRY DURING THOSE MISERABLy WEt COLD SPELLS WE TEND TO GET AROUND JANUARY AND THROUGH TO MARCH. OUR WATERPROOFING AGENT SEALS OUT MOISTURE WHILE ALLOWING YOUR RUG TO  RETAIN ITS BREATH-ABILITY. It is applied in-wash and wraps itself around the individual fibers of the fabric creating an exceptional waterproof barrier . super scientific. super cool. super dry horses. 



MISSING A LEG STRAP? GOT A RIP ? WE CAN FIX THAT! WE ARE FULLY EQUIPPED TO FIX REPAIRS LARGE AND SMALL; HOWEVER, IF YOU DO FIND YOURSELF IN NEED OF A NEW BLANKET WE ARE A SCHNIEDER DEALER AND WILL GLADLY ASSIST YOU IN FINDING THE PERFECT REPLACEMENT. We also do custom alterations such as replacing chest buckles to chest snaps. the same goes for belly-straps and we can swap out your leg straps for a tail strap. once you switch to snaps you'll never go back. it's a huge time saver when you have multiple horses to dress/undress and you can leave your gloves on!!

*PLEASE NOTE * Any blanket in need of repair MUST be clean. We accept customer cleaned blankets but reserve the right to deem whether or not it is satisfactorily clean. This is done because horse grime will quickly  gunk up our sewing machine which causes major delays.