Formerly known as Somerset Farm Horse blanket wash and repair, Killian Branch Farm is a full service Equine Laundry that has been servicing North Georgia (and beyond) for over a decade. We are a family owned business and our number one priority is to provide our customers with the highest quality service possible.


In order to PRESERVE the integrity of your turn-out rugs and sheets we only use phosphate free, biodegradable soap. Standard laundry detergents are quite harsh and can breakdown the DELICATE waterproof membrane making it impossible to fully re-waterproof for subsequent use. Being as “green” as possible is also very  important to us as well as not using ANY  detergents, soaps or softeners that are likely to irritate your horses’ sensitive skin.


Re-waterproofing your blankets and sheets annually is a great way to ensure your horse stays dry during those miserable wet cold spells we tend to get around January and through to March --- yuck! Our waterproofing agent seals out moisture while allowing your rug to  retain its breathability. 


Missing a leg strap? Got a rip ? We can fix that! We are fully equipped to fix repairs large and small; however, if you do find yourself in need of a new blanket we are a Schnieder dealer and will gladly assist you in finding the perfect replacement. Please note ANY BLANKET IN NEED OF REPAIR MUST BE WASHED.