Annual Maintenance Package

$50 / Blanket or Sheet


Antibacterial wash, waterproofing, and All repairs – major, minor and preventative. Replacement of straps, snaps and hardware, fleece & fluff at wither as needed. Stitching over nips, picks, and rips. Velcro revitalization. New rubber rings on T-Hooks. Pretty much anything you can think of, we've got you covered. We will even check the functionality of all hardware and replace as needed. Rest assured your blanket will smell and perform at its best once we've had our hands and our soaps on it. This is THE best deal for your turn-out sheets and blankets.


Extended Care Plan

$65.00 / Blanket or Sheet


Includes antibacterial wash, waterproof,  and all repairs PLUS all other washes and repairs needed throughout blanketing season.  Ideal for mud lovers, belly strap snappers & chest buckle busters. New hardware priced separately.


Wash and Repair Combo

$40.00 / Blanket or Sheet


Includes wash and ALL repairs -- major, minor and preventative.  As always, washed in an antibacterial soap specifically formulated for the type of blanket you send; whether it be waterproof, wool, fleece, cotton, nylon, or even that mysterious Back on Track fabric.


Summer storage options 

$15 | up to 20 blankets

$30 | up to 40 blankets

$45 | 40+ blankets


Summer storage for horse wear items from May - September. Limited space, inquire about availability. 

Individual service options

$10 Hood (wash & waterproof)

$4 + Individual Repairs

$15 - $22 Custom Alterations

$10 - $15 Dog Beds

$3 Saddle Pads and Girths

$6 Wool and Sheepskin Pads

$15 Cotton/Nylon/Fly/BOT

$20 Sheet/Wool/Fleece/Stable

$25 Blanket

$28 High Neck Attached

$15 Waterproof

$15 Mini

any blanket in need of repair or re-waterproofing must be clean. We accept customer cleaned blankets but reserve the right to deem whether or not it is satisfactorily clean.



*Prices subject to change in response to supplier demands*